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I'm Alexa, welcome to my little nook of the internet! This nook of mine is a way for me to discuss topics that are deeper than just an Instagram caption. Here I share everything from motherhood & deeper chats, to affordable style, beauty finds and home decor. I hope you stay a while and find inspiration & connection within these pages. xx Lex

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Navigating NYC With A Baby

Navigating the streets of New York during a global pandemic seemed like a daunting task – especially with a baby. But I’m here to say we conquered. Here are some items that made our trip to New York, fun, warm…

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Dewy Makeup: Winter Edition

Winter in Canada is no joke, our climate gets dry, cold and brisk! My skincare routine is filled with oils, moisturizing creams and face masks, but I realized early into the winter this year, that I should start prioritizing my…

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My Postpartum Journey So Far

When I was newly postpartum, I didn’t know where to look with some of my burning questions. Looking back now, I know those weren’t the questions needing answers, rather they were the part of me yearning for the connection and…

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